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Slatina – We offer professional trailer services: 0742282486. We offer technical assistance services at the site of the road event. If the damaged vehicle can not be debugged at the site of the road event, it will be towed to the nearest car service or to the service indicated by the driver.

tractari slatina
tractari slatina – professional trailer services

Professional T

railer services – Transport equipment – Auto-trailers Slatina Olt: We offer professional trailer services, car transport, vans, tools, buldo non stop! We train cars and vans without wheels or damaged by special trolleys without causing further damages. Tractari Auto Slatina: Roadside assistance, troubleshooting, non-stop towing, taxi transport.

Do you need to tow your car? You can call the following phone number: 0742.282.486 Our roadside assistance service in Slatina, Caracal, Draganesti, Potcoava is non stop and at much lower prices than those offered by our competitors.

Professional Trailer Services

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